Warren Buffett once said, “In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield”

A this is always true, ITAD Technologies is one of the very few companies that have the industry and regulatory understanding to helps you keep your businesses “windshield” clean from lawsuits, inefficacies, and information security breaches when it comes to your unused technology.

Our Consulting Services can dramatically improve your processes for handling your unused equipment. Our findings were developed to create actionable solutions not consulting jargon that’s filled with words but actually says very little.

ITAD Tech can help you integrate your strategy for end of life equipment with your overall technology strategy. We save you time, money, and most importantly we can give you the roadmap and best practices that minimize the very real risks that exist for you and your company.

Our offerings include:

  • Off Network Information Storage Risk Analysis
  • Asset Disposal Program Development
  • Comprehensive Zero Landfill Program Development