A recent survey by Kroll-Ontrack showed that almost half of all drives that were wiped still contained information!!! Companies often spend large sums of money protecting information while on active technology, yet expose themselves to huge risks once the information remain unchecked on off network equipment.

Often the knee jerk reaction is to simply destroy the drives but in reality this too can leave information that is accessible on the drives. In addition, newer technologies like solid state drives will make 100% destruction of data virtually impossible. Furthermore, destroying drives is often both financially and environmentally wasteful.

The best answer often is to have your drives or other information gathering devices sanitized the correct way. We utilize only drive wiping technology that meets or exceeds the most recent NIST standards and like everything else we do at ITAD Tech, our processes our audited by independent professionals and are available for similar inspection by any of our clients, without notification anytime during our normal business hours.

ITAD Tech offers various services that can make sure your data is destroyed and your company is protected including:

  • Drive Sanitization at our secure facility
  • Drive Sanitization at your facility
  • Independent Confirmation of drive wiping…..Let ITAD put a small sample of your drives to the of the drives you or someone else wipes to confirm in writing if they pass NIST standards as fully wiped or not (currently we offer this option to audit and NIST test 5 of your drives for $100)
  • Purchase NIST compliant drive wipe software directly from ITAD Tech. We will also test 1% of your drives wiped with the software at no additional charge.

Is some of this seems confusing, consider checking out our drive assessment page in our knowledge center to schedule a free and brief Drive assessment.

Finally, for large corporations with higher than average risks, ITAD Tech offers Consulting Services to assist in mitigating your risk. Further information can be found in the Consulting services tab under services.