What do you recycle?

We recycle technology hardware. This includes computers, monitors, printers, network communication devices, and similar equipment.

Are you regional or nationwide?

Although we do have clients who ship in equipment from across the nation, our focus is on the Southeastern United States, specifically the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Do you work with individuals?

Our primary focus is on business. However, we will work with individuals if they have a large quantity of goods.

How does ITAD Tech handle disposal of sensitive information residing on the hard drive?

We can either wipe the hard drive through state-of-the-art technology or destroy the hard drive through the traditional punch hole method or by shredding. This can be done at our facility or yours, thus eliminating the risk of any of your secure information being divulged.

How can ITAD Tech help my company make money?

Through our extensive network of refurbishers we can often identify technology that still retains financial value. Depending on the age and type of technology, customized strategies can be made specifically for you to help you make money.

Can I get a certificate of destruction?

Yes, we currently can provide certificates of destruction as well as chain of custody documents.