ITAD Technologies coined the acronym LIFE.  Because of our deep experience in supporting companies, we understand that, when it comes to IT Asset Disposition, a comprehensive strategy is needed to address the varying priorities throughout the enterprise.  Simply put, different people are motivated by different concerns, and this is especially true in organizations.  So ITAD Tech can satisfy the concerns of: 

L for Logo

The VP of Marketing who wants to know that a lifetime of brand reputation will not go down the drain because someone cut corners in disposing of old technology and it ended up in a landfill

I for Information

The CIO who wants a partner who uses NIST standard technology to make sure all the company’s drives are wiped the right way.  She wants this because she knows that approximately 11% of drives resold on sites like Craig List came from corporations who neglected to wipe their drives properly.

F for Finances

The CFO who wants a partner who can help get maximum value back for his company to offset the cost of Recycling Services, or the Company’s Chief Legal Counsel who’s financial fears are all about avoiding costly litigation because the company has violated Superfund, FACTA, COPPA, HIPAA, or GLB laws.

E for Environment

The Director of Sustainability.  Who knows is responsible for enforcing a Zero Landfill Policy for the company because its smart business and because she knows that for less than the company’s coffee budget she can avoid destroying our planet.

LIFE, just another way that ITAD Technologies helps businesses while helping the world!