Almost half of drives that are wiped are done so incorrectly yet “destroying” drives is often ineffective as well and is always wasteful. In a world where the “Internet of Things” means everything from the TV you watch to the car you drive is collecting information, often in the device itself. The answer is not to take a sledgehammer to you old iPhone or other device. The answer lies in having the properly trained people with the correct tools sanitize your data storing devices. ITAD Tech can not only do all of this for you but can track the process to create a secure, reliable, and compliant solution that proves your company was not the source of any confidential information ending up in the wrong hands.

If sending us your drives is not viable we can come on site to wipe your drives or even supply you with the software to do it yourself! In fact we can even audit your wiped drives to confirm the wiping is done to NIST or DOD standards.