Parts Retrieval

Sometimes there is a security, legal, or financial demand to de-manufacture your technology to retrieve a component or parts. For many of our client’s recycling is not an all or nothing proposition. ITAD can provide clients with the needed resources to project manage a business’s asset disposition needs in a way that the client receives necessary parts returned to them while having all other technology either resold or recycled.

Examples of how clients have utilized this service:

  • When you need to collect a part that is unique or proprietary
  • When needing to salvage a hard-to-find part due to your own break/fix needs.
  • When a specific part must be returned to an OEM or other organization do a contractual commitment
  • When you have a legal compliance obligation demanding an exceptionally high level of control of storage bearing devices
  • Recall demand upon your business that necessitates the collection of a component device
  • In the event of a broader change in your business such as an acquisition, divestiture, or merger with governmental obligations

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