Why Certifications Matter!

Any company can put a statement on their website that talks about how their process meets data sanitization and environmental compliance requirements, how long they have been in business, and how you can trust them. This company may be the low bid on a project, but is that what truly matters?  When dealing with decommissioned IT equipment, due diligence is more than taking someone at their word. Due diligence needs to start with finding a capable, certified partner to handle your equipment.

Why do certifications matter?

Do you want your company to be the next news headline?

A certified partner has taken the necessary action to demonstrate the expertise and experience in handling your equipment.  Third party auditors have performed rigorous audits on their policies and procedures to ensure that they have been implemented and conform to the requirements of the standards.  When a company is certified they assist you in meeting compliance regulations, ensuring that material is handled in an environmentally friendly manner, and that the data sanitization has been properly performed.

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