These are the six main processes that form the foundation of ITAD Tech’s business:

  1. Collection of Assets at Your Facility: The first step involves gathering the electronic assets you wish to dispose of or recycle. This can include anything from computers and laptops to servers and other electronic equipment. ITAD Tech’s team will arrange for the pickup of these assets from your location. Efficient collection ensures that the assets are safely transported to their facility for further processing.
  2. Secure Transportation to Our Facility: Once the assets are collected, they need to be transported to ITAD Tech’s facility securely. This process involves using specialized transportation methods to ensure that the assets are protected during transit. This might include secure packaging, tracking systems, and measures to prevent damage or loss during transportation.
  3. Receipt and Auditing of Your Assets: Upon arrival at ITAD Tech’s facility, the assets are received and audited. This involves carefully documenting and cataloging each asset. The audit might include details such as the asset’s make, model, serial number, and any unique identifying features. This information is crucial for tracking and managing the assets throughout the entire process.
  4. Verified Data Sanitization using Processes that are Externally Verified: Data security is a critical aspect of IT asset disposition. This process involves ensuring that all data stored on the assets is securely erased to prevent any potential data breaches. ITAD Tech employs data sanitization methods that are externally verified, which means that these methods have been independently tested and certified to effectively remove all sensitive data from the assets.
  5. Testing and Repair of Assets: After data sanitization, the assets undergo testing to determine their functionality and overall condition. This step is essential for identifying any components that may need repair or replacement. Functional assets are more likely to be repurposed or resold, reducing electronic waste and maximizing the value of the assets.
  6. Customized Reporting: ITAD Tech provides customized reporting to their clients, detailing the entire disposition process. This report includes information about the assets received, their audit results, data sanitization verification, testing and repair outcomes, and other relevant details. Customized reporting offers transparency to clients, allowing them to track the progress of their assets through each step of the process.

Together, these six processes create a comprehensive and structured approach to IT asset disposition. They prioritize data security, asset functionality, and transparency, ultimately contributing to more responsible and environmentally friendly practices in the management of electronic waste.