Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We recycle technology hardware. This includes computers, monitors, printers, network communication devices, and similar equipment.

Our primary focus is on business. However, we will work with individuals if they have a large quantity of goods.

We can either wipe the hard drive through state-of-the-art technology or destroy the hard drive through the traditional punch hole method or by shredding. This can be done at our facility or yours, thus eliminating the risk of any of your secure information being divulged.

Through our extensive network of refurbishers we can often identify technology that still retains financial value. Depending on the age and type of technology, customized strategies can be made specifically for you to help you make money.

Yes, we currently can provide certificates of destruction as well as chain of custody documents.

Generally, any technology that has resale value and/or contains a storage baring device is considered Asset Disposition (IT Asset Disposal). Any electronics that will be de-manufactured for the purpose of reclaiming its material (i.e., plastics, metal, etc.).

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Yes, ITAD Tech clients can access up to date information on their activity with us including all Certificates of Sanitization and Certificates of recycling.

Yes, with that said, SERI, the governing body for R2 is in the process of upgrading their standard. This new revision of the standard is commonly referred to as R2V3.  ITAD Technologies is actively involved with SERI and others to finalize these standards. Once finalized, we will move quickly to certify to the newest standard.

ITAD Technologies directly handles all client needs domestically. Through our vast R2 network, we partner with other R2 recyclers who are “in the country” all while manage the overall global project for our clients.