Understanding NIST SP-800-88r1 Methods: Clear, Purge, and Crypto Erasure

After almost a decade of engaging in conversations with IT Directors and high-level IT decision-makers at Fortune 2000 companies, it is apparent that everyone is data-sensitive, but few are data-educated. Data used to mean numbers and metrics used to make informed decisions, and that is still very true. However, it has now become a buzzword […]

Where is data stored? – Understanding the Core Differences between RAM/GPU & Storage

ITAD Tech has had thousands of conversations with IT decision-makers, from Fortune 10 companies to 10-person companies, over the last decade. These conversations range from complex global sustainability best practices to “Can you come pick up a dozen laptops and a server from an office we closed last week?” A topic came up a few […]

What does R2 mean?

While all electronics refurbishers & recyclers claim to be responsible and follow the rules, the truth is, not everyone actually does what they say they’ll do. They’ll all tell you they’ll protect the environment, your data, and your brand equity. They’ll say they won’t cut corners and never illegally ship anything overseas. But how do you […]