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ITAD Tech’s services are industry-leading due to their comprehensive and innovative approach to IT asset disposition. Our commitment to compliance, stringent security measures, and customized solutions is intertwined in all our services, setting us apart as a trusted partner in IT asset disposition.

IT Asset Remarketing

Maximize returns on outdated IT equipment through our IT Asset Remarketing solutions. We refurbish, resell, and recycle, ensuring value recovery, data security, and environmental responsibility. Join the circular economy, choose sustainability, and make smarter IT investments. Contact us today!

Data Sanitization & Destruction

Ensure data security with NIST 800-88 compliant hard drive sanitization. Expert solutions for complete data removal, tailored to your needs. Trust our expertise, advanced technology, and eco-friendly practices. Get certified reports for compliance peace of mind. Contact us today for secure data disposal.

Managed Deployment

IT managed deployment is the organized process of planning, preparing, and implementing software, updates, and new hardware across an organization’s IT infrastructure. It involves careful planning, testing, and execution to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruptions. This includes creating a deployment strategy, testing in a controlled environment, scheduling a deployment window, monitoring progress, validating functionality, communicating with stakeholders, providing user support, and maintaining the deployed components over time. The goal is to achieve a successful deployment while considering factors like scalability, complexity, and user impact.

Project Management & IT Project Manager Services

An IT project manager’s value lies in their ability to bridge technology and business objectives. They navigate complexity, manage risks, and oversee technical teams while aligning projects with strategic goals. Their expertise in technology, vendor relations, security, and project methodologies ensures successful, innovative, and secure project execution, adding tangible business value.

Customizable Reporting Portal

A live portal for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) asset tracking offers real-time visibility, data security, and efficient workflows. It establishes a chain of custody, aids in asset valuation, and provides customizable reporting for decision-making. The portal facilitates vendor management, documents the entire disposition process for audits, and mitigates risks. It aligns with sustainability goals, engages stakeholders, and centralizes documentation, ensuring responsible and transparent asset disposition while complying with regulations.

Onsite Data Sanitization & Destruction

Data Center Services

Streamline Data Center Decommissioning: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs! Facing data center decommissioning? We’re here to help. With expertise in security, sustainability, and efficiency, we craft a personalized approach for your project. From inventory assessment to compliance, our questions guide us in creating the perfect strategy. Let’s discuss your timeline, equipment, security, and sustainability goals. Trust us to manage the process smoothly, ensuring data security, minimal downtime, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to start your decommissioning journey with confidence!

Short Term Hardware Rental

Get the latest IT equipment for your short-duration needs. Flexible, cost-effective, and tailored packages for events, projects, and emergencies. Quick setup, technical support, and easy return or renewal. Empower your business with temporary tech solutions.

Logistics Services for IT & ITAD

White glove logistics by ITAD Tech provides meticulous care and attention when transporting valuable or sensitive items. With professional handling, customized delivery, clear communication, and services like installation and packaging removal, customers experience exceptional care and convenience. This premium service is tailored to exceed expectations, making it ideal for those seeking specialized, hassle-free, and high-quality logistics solutions.