Logistics Services for IT & ITAD

ITAD Tech has custom solutions for these scenarios for both domestic and international clients. Below are some of our à la carte options for white glove logistics. 

  1. High Level of Care: White glove services often involve a heightened level of care and attention to detail. This is particularly important when handling delicate, valuable, or sensitive items such as fine art, antiques, electronics, medical equipment, or high-end furniture.
  2. Professional Handling: The logistics company or service provider employs professionals who are trained to handle items with utmost care. This may include proper packaging, loading, unloading, and setup at the destination.
  3. Customized Delivery: White glove logistics services are tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This might include specific delivery time windows, unpacking, assembly, installation, and even debris removal.
  4. Communication and Updates: Customers often receive detailed information about the status of their delivery, including real-time tracking and regular updates.
  5. Installation and Setup: For certain items, like large furniture pieces or complex electronics, the white glove service might include setting up and installing the item in the customer’s desired location. This could involve assembling furniture, connecting electronics, and ensuring everything is in working order before the delivery team leaves.
  6. Removal of Packaging: The white glove service might also involve the removal of packaging materials, ensuring that the customer’s space is left clean and clutter-free.
  7. Customer Training: In cases where the delivered items require customer training for proper use, the white glove service might include providing basic instructions and guidance.
  8. Exceptional Customer Service: White glove logistics aims to provide an exceptional customer service experience. The delivery team is often trained to be courteous, professional, and responsive to any questions or concerns the customer may have.

Overall, white glove logistics is all about exceeding customer expectations and providing a seamless and hassle-free delivery experience. It is often chosen by customers who require extra care and attention for their valuable or sensitive items and are willing to pay a premium for the specialized service.

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