Smart Hands: Audit, Report & Evaluate

Whether you are refreshing your current IT assets or ready to move out already retired assets, with ITAD Tech on your team those projects will run smoothly and efficiently.

Smart Hands

The ITAD Tech team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and efficient at processing IT assets.  Being certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and The Sustainable Electronics Reuse and Recycling (R2) Standard version 2 (R2v3), ITAD Tech has in place a management system that contains policies and procedures detailing every step of how to properly process IT assets.  These documents drive a training program that is continually improved upon to ensure our team is prepared to meet your every need.


Audit Services consist of our team going through your assets item by item building a report that at a minimum consists of Manufacture, Model/Part Number, and Serial Number.  In this initial phase, data-bearing devices are identified and placed under a higher level of security while being prepared for data sanitization.  The remaining assets then move to the proper line for testing and repair, or when assets are not designated for reuse, they are then prepared to be properly recycled.


When the audit process of assets has been completed, there are several reports that can be made available to our clients.  A base audit could include information such as Manufacture, Model, Part #, Serial # as well as verification of data sanitization.  ITAD Tech could include other information on the reports such as, Asset Tag #, Functionality of Equipment, and Final Disposition (Reused/Recycled).


The evaluation of your assets is key in determining their final disposition.  The team at ITAD Tech can test, repair, and refurbish many assets to keep them out of the recycling chain and keep them as usable resalable assets.  During this process, assets are evaluated both functionality and cosmetics to ensure that equipment is moved into the proper markets to get the best ROI.

Let ITAD Tech S.H.A.R.E. the weight of your next IT asset project.

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